15 Gifts for the glijmiddel kopen Lover in Your Life

There are very important sex essentials for women which will create an amazing, exciting and highly pleasurable sex life when applied.

1. Initiate Action!

It's a natural thing for sexual intimacy to eventually become stale, especially if the same old song and dance is being practiced and neither partner takes action to change things and add the necessary variety to heat things up!

Don't wait for your man to take action, because that may never happen. If you want to increase your intimacy then go for it. Initiate the necessary action that's going to strengthen your sex life. This can be done in several different ways, from erotic lingerie, to performing new techniques.

2. Help Him!

Males seldom, if ever, will ask for intimacy help, despite the fact that most probably do need to be guided, told what to do, or at least some suggestions dropped on them on how they could be a little smoother and more pleasurable!

Don't wait for him to ask for suggestions, take the initiative http://edition.cnn.com/search/?text=glijmiddel and help him! This help can range in the areas of positioning to helping him last longer during intimacy. The key to helping a guy along, is giving him little rewards afterwards, so that he learns that taking advice is a good and pleasurable thing!

3. Learn New Tricks!

There are so many different tips, tricks and sexual techniques that can instantly add variety and create an amazing sex life. Visit this page You really should learn http://www.thefreedictionary.com/glijmiddel as many new tricks and techniques as you can, and then have fun applying them to intimacy.

A great place to instantly learn sex tips is from a good sex tip manual which will have everything from positioning to routines that are incredibly pleasurable for both you and your partner.